Education Abroad

Education Abroad - Germany

Why Education Abroad in Germany?

** Learn the EU language with the largest number of native speakers and the second-most common language on the internet;
** Live in a country that plays a vital role today in Europe's intellectual, economic and cultural life;
** Study in a country whose recent history has deeply marked world politics and caused a new understanding of international law in the aftermath of WWII;
** Explore a city in which the memory of the Germany’s post-war division into two separate states and the reunification in 1989 is palpable, and in which the memory of the Holocaust is present in many forms;
** Discover the achievements of great artists, writers, philosophers and scientists -- J. W. Goethe, W. A. Mozart, L. v. Beethoven, Bettine Brentano-von Arnim, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Rosa Luxemburg, Sigmund Freud, Franz Kafka, Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Käthe Kollwitz, Gerhard Richter...;
** Experience the development of contemporary German cinema: R. W. Fassbinder, Fatih Akin, Wolfgang Becker, Wim Wenders, Tom Tykwer, Margarethe von Trotta, Ulrike Ottinger...;
** Learn firsthand about the “green” politics and the progressive measures to protect the environment; and
** Prepare for a career in an internationally competitive world.

EAP in Germany

The University of California Education Abroad Program provides several opportunities for students to study in Germany. First, there is the traditional year-long option, in which students spend the entire academic year at Humboldt Universität Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin or Technische Universität Berlin. Alternatively, students may choose to study in Fall, Spring or Summer at one of EAP’s three partner institutions in Berlin. In addition, Munich University offers a program in Engineering for Sustainability. Depending on the program, language of instruction is German or English. A range of beginning to advanced German language courses is offered. All programs feature extensive extracurricular activities.

Education Abroad - Russia

UCSB is an active participant in the UC Education Abroad Program in Saint Petersburg, Russia run by CIEE. Qualified students are strongly  encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to spend a summer,  semester or year abroad.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Known as Russia’s Window to the West, the beautiful cultural city of St. Petersburg is at the crossroads of old and new traditions. Decades of economic and political transformation have inspired a buzzing intellectual scene. Easily navigable by foot, bus, or metro, the city offers an array of venues for theater, pop music, dance, art, and sports. St. Petersburg's ribbons of canals spanned by over 1,000 bridges has earned it the title of the Venice of the North. Join organized museum visits, boat tours, group cooking classes, Matryoshka doll painting classes, concerts, and field trips throughout the country. You can also gain uniquely immersive international experience volunteering at the Red Cross, art galleries, or NGOs.

EAP in St. Petersburg, Russia for Russian Area Studies

Overlooking the Baltic Sea, Saint Petersburg is the cultural heart of Russia. Canals and rivers wind through the city where you’ll study Russian language, culture, and history. Take a deep dive into modern Russian lectures ranging from Russian rock bands to Soviet space pups. Program trips might take you to Moscow and the Kremlin, medieval Novgorod, or Estonia. Forge a community connection with optional volunteer projects. Outside of class, cruise to Peterhof Palace, the “Versailles of Russia.” Political science and history buffs will love seeing where Soviet experiments in the space race blasted off. Practice your language skills as you ride a Russian tram and taste traditional deep-fried doughnuts.

EAP in St. Petersburg for Russian Language

Master Russian grammar, phonetics and conversational skills in St. Petersburg’s buzzing intellectual scene. Taught in Russian, the program offers advanced language study with elective courses and a variety of cultural excursions and field trips. Spend 8 weeks mastering your Russian language skills (beginning to advanced) in an intensive language program. It includes exclusive tours and overnight trips to Moscow and Novgorod as well as electives in Russian media, film and music.