Slavic Spring Courses

Spring 2020 Tentative Russian & Slavic Course Offering Descriptions 

RUSS 3. Elementary Russian.
RUSS 6. Intermediate Russian.
Slavic 35: Short Fiction by Major Russian Writers
Sara Weld
Survey of short fiction by major Russian short story writers such as Gogol, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bunin, Babel, Nabokov, Petrushevskaya, and Pelevin. Analyzes short story as form and examines works in literary and cultural context. Lectures and readings in English. Designed for first and second year students.
RUSS 101C: Advanced Russian Conversation
Larry McLellan
Continued development of oral and written fluency. Special attention to development of reading skills through a variety of texts related to Russian culture. Systematic review of advanced grammar. Compositions, translations, and oral presentations required. Periodic screenings of Russian films.
RUSS 122: The Russian Novella
Sven Spieker
In Russian literature the novella is a genre quite distinct from the short story and the novel. All major writers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries created important works in this form, so that a vast field for exploration and examination exists for such a genre course. Taught in Russian.
SLAV 130C: Contemporary Art in Russia and Eastern Europe 
Margarita Delcheva
Study of central intellectual and aesthetic trends in the late Soviet period and in contemporary post-Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe. Analysis of literary texts and the visual arts. Taught in English.
SLAV 152B: Language & Cultural Identity
Katia McClain
Exploration of the way language is used to help construct cultural identity in Eastern Europe. Topics include the relationship between language and dialect and the use of language and other cultural symbols to identify self and other. Taught in English.
SLAV 182: On the Margins
Katia McClain
An analysis of the representation of marginalized populations in Europe and the United States. How do the stereotypes in literature, film, and journalism help to create and maintain marginalized status?