German Undergraduate Winter Courses

Winter 2021

GER 1G. German for Graduate Students.
First part of a two-quarter sequence that introduces graduate students to the essentials of the German language with emphasis on aspects of structure that are indispensable for reading skills. Translation of academic, literary, philosophical, scientific, and journalistic texts. Open to students with graduate standing in any field. 
GER 2. Elementary German.
Continuation of German 1.
GER 5. Intermediate German.
Continuation of German 4.
GER 35/ C LIT 35. Making of the Modern World.
Wolf Kittler
Description and analysis of decisive events contributing to the world we are inhabiting. Various themes presented: City planning, war and industrial warfare, technology and media- technology, ideologies of modernity, and modern master theories. 
GER 101B. Advanced German.
Kelsey White
Speaking, listening, reading, and writing on an advanced level, while exploring contemporary German culture. Systematic review of grammar material. Additional focus on vocabulary building. Written and oral discussions based on newspaper articles, literary texts, German films, and websites. Topics will vary by quarter.
GER 161. Classicism and Romanticism in German Literature.
Dustin Lovett
Selected readings in English translation from the classical and romantic German authors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
GER 179B/ RG ST 179B. German Mysticism.
Analysis of German mystical writing, its roots in ancient Greek texts, revolutionary impact, links with other mystical traditions, and influence on secular literature. Texts include Hildegard von Bingen, Meister Eckhart, Mechthild von Magdeburg, Novalis, Rilke, etc. Taught in English.
GER 179C/ C LIT 179C. Mediatechnology.
Telegraph, telephone, phonograph, and film are techniques that have engendered new forms of representation, communication, and thinking. Course studies the impact of these transformations in literature and on literature. Taught in English.