German Undergraduate Winter Courses

Winter 2020 Tentative Class Descriptions

German 2. Elementary German.
Continuation of German 1
German 5. Intermediate German.
Continuation of German 4
German 35 (same course as Comparative Literature 35): The Making of the Modern World.
Christina Vagt
Description and analysis of decisive events contributing to the world we are inhabiting. Various themes presented: City planning, war and industrial warfare, technology and media-technology, ideologies of modernity, and modern master theories.
Comparative Literature 43A: Dreaming Revolutions
Geulen Kade Visiting Professor
Introduction to the revolutionary theories of Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud. Explorations of three authors whose writing have profoundly changed our world.
German 101B: Advanced German.
Kelsey White
Speaking, listening, reading, and writing on an advanced level, while exploring contemporary German culture. Systematic review of grammar material. Additional focus on vocabulary building. Written and oral discussions based on newspaper articles, literary texts, German films, and websites. Topics will vary by quarter.
German 107: History of Culture
Melissa Sheedy
Careful and close readings from the cultural history of German speaking countries. Materials, which may be revised each academic year, include documents from literature, philosophy, art, music, architecture, science, politics, and law. Taught in German.
German 109: Proseminar
Christina Vagt
Intensive advanced seminar on topic to be determined on a quarterly basis. Taught in German.